I started my career as a newspaper reporter, and that early experience formed my dedication to clear, direct messages. As I have applied my skills to organizational communications, my commitment has only become more profound. Addressing employees with clarity and transparency is the only way to show respect for them and earn their trust. This is especially true when the message is tough, as some of them inevitably are.

This has led me to my mission to make work a more rewarding and fulfilling experience with effective communication at all levels within an organization.

Because leadership, strategy and communication are inextricably intertwined, I work with professionals and project teams to foster strong leaders, develop sound strategy and deliver effective messages. I do this by helping leaders and team understand how the big picture and fine details weave together to tell a story that helps teams and companies move toward their goals.

In my project work, I help teams consider communication at all stages of strategy development. After all, actions and decisions send a message, regardless of the words you put to them, and factory-installed elements are always more effective than after-market add-ons.

I also spread my message about principles of organizational communications that help foster a more positive, fulfilling and productive workplace through group presentations. These are concepts that all professionals and leaders need to understand, not just those who work in a comms department (they probably already know them).

I’d love to talk with you about how I can help your team or organization tell its story and be a rewarding and effective place to work.