Word Wednesday: Impact

The word "impact" is used regularly in corporate culture. The connotation that comes with it may not match the intention.

Word Wednesday: Impactful

Yes, it's a word, but there are so many better words you could use to make your point and sound less "corporate-y". (No, that one isn't a word.)

Word Wednesday: Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself and I are each correct in different situations. These quick and easy tips will help you get it right every time!

Word Wednesday: "Verbing" Nouns

Using nouns as verbs when perfectly good verbs already exist to clearly say what you mean is a hindrance to clear communication.

Word Wednesday: Ask

Corporate-types use "ask" as a noun. A lot. Is that correct?

Word Wednesday: Imply and Infer

What's the difference and how do they affect communication?

Word Wednesday: Farther & Further

These words are very similar, but they're not interchangeable.

Word Wednesday: Parallel Structure

I marked National Grammar Day with a discussion of parallel structure -- what it is and why it's important.

Word Wednesday: Which & That

These two are definitely not interchangeable. Your choice will alter the meaning of your sentence.

Word Wednesday: Passive Voice

Writing in passive voice can make your sentence confusing and, in some contexts, damage trust with your audience. Your writing will be stronger if you avoid passive voice whenever possible.

Word Wednesday: Who and That

This one is easy. If you're talking about a person or people, use "who."

Word Wednesday: Affect and Effect

If you confuse these two, you're far from alone. I have a simple trick to help you remember for good!

Word Wednesday: Unprecedented

We are hearing this word a lot lately, but is it being used appropriately? Either way, beware of overuse.

Word Wednesday: Utilize

You don't need to use long words or stiff language to sound professional.

Word Wednesday: A and An

These articles don't always follow the rule you think they're supposed to follow. It's not about the letter the next word starts with. It's about the sound.

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