About Me


I've been focused on clear communication for my entire career. My professional life began in newsrooms where chaos reigned and being right was the only thing more important than being first. As a result, deadlines and accuracy are in my blood.

More than 15 years ago, I took my writing skills into the corporate world, working in corporate communications first for a global accounting firm and then for a nationally renowned rehabilitation hospital. As a result, since graduating from college, I have written about:


  • Forensic accounting
  • Electronic discovery
  • Document retention and management
  • Intellectual property management
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Clinical trials
  • Employee recruitment
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Corporate reorganizations (internal communications)
  • Civil court proceedings
  • Law firm life
  • Public education
  • Local government (city, township, county)
  • Fundraising
  • Scientific discovery
  • Alternative financing



I have no training or official background in any of these topics. However, I am a quick study, and I speak (and write) in plain English. I enjoy the challenge of distilling complex information into understandable language for the intended audience. Whether I'm writing for a general readership, a professional audience or an employee corps made up of a broad spectrum of background and education, I like to figure out how to best communicate information so they can best access and understand it.

Since leaving the corporate world, I have worked as a freelance communications professional in and around Chicago. I have managed significant change communications projects for a national retailer and helped nonprofit organizations build the communications plans for their fundraising initiatives. 

I confess to a strong affinity for grammar and style. By strong I mean that I'm still proud of winning sentence diagramming races in 7th grade. (I know.) I can astutely spot errors, and I can explain the reasons for my changes to others whose skill sets are focused in other areas.

Little did I know when I embarked on my career where my writing skills would take me. Now I know that good writers and clear communicators are needed everywhere, and I am eager to go!